How to Install Your Own Luxury Wardrobe: a Step by Step Guide

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At The Wardrobe Man, we are proud to be the exclusive provider of Elite Modular in Australia. Elite shelving and storage systems are a blend of Italian design and Austrian engineering, all manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in Perth. The result is a range of flawless shelving and drawers that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In this video series with Kevin from the Wardrobe Man, you will see how we install a luxury Elite Modular wardrobe system. Kevin demonstrates the steps and tools required to create a custom wardrobe. These steps and tools are the same, regardless of the size of your space and if you have a one wall wardrobe, an L-shaped wardrobe (2 walls) or a U-shaped wardrobe (3 walls).

Unfortunately, Kevin didn’t have a microphone on hand for these videos, so he initially ended up shouting at the camera like a crazy person. We apologise in advance.

Step 1.

Check the Floor Plan

Layout the shelves and the top of each post to make sure your sizes are correct.

This is an important step, especially working with an "L" shaped wardrobe or "U" shaped walk in wardrobe.

Make sure you also make an allowance for the width of the feet. We often need to start hard up against the skirting boards or the wall.

When installing make sure you always start with the bays that cannot be resized. That is the bays with the Drawers. We can always resize the Bays with shelves if required.

Step 2.

Assemble the Foot of the Post

The Elite post and foot come as separate components and need to be attached together.

Screw the base of each foot into position and make sure each foot are all the same, which will help with alignment when installing.

Screwdriver or cordless screwdriver

Step 3.

Assemble the Top of the Post

The Elite post and top of the post come as separate components and need to be attached together.

The front of the post is flat and the back of the post has a channel running the length of the post, which can have LED lights in as an upgrade.

At the top of the post, insert the blue plastic block, twist and line up.

Slide the top of the post over the blue plastic block and then fix it into position.

Screwdriver or cordless screwdriver

Step 4.

Installing the First Post

With a pencil, mark the position on the wall where the post will go and where you will drill.

With a hammer drill (for brick walls), drill an 8mm hole and put an 8mm wall plug in.

Next, the blue plastic block is screwed into the wall.

Slide the post over the blue block and straighten it up.

Pencil, Hammer Drill, Cordless Driver

Step 5.

Check the Post is Level

Check the bottom of post is the correct length away from the wall and level.

The measurement from the back of the post to the wall, should be 225mm

Check with spirit level the post is level. The post can be adjusted later on so doesn't need to be perfect just yet.

Unwind the foot of the post so there is tension at the bottom and doesn't move easily.

Spirit Level

Step 6.

Installing the Second Post

Measure out the length of your first bay and mark the wall with a pencil. Add 25mm and mark the wall a second time with a pencil.

Put the second post on the wall, and mark the outline of where the post will attach to the wall.

Put the blue block on the wall and mark with a pencil where the hole will go. The block will sit down a couple of millimetres.

Drill an 8mm hole just like last time and repeat the same steps as the first post

Pencil, Tape Measure, Hammer Drill, Cordless Driver

Here's what our Happy Clients say about their new Wardrobes and Storage Solutions

Debbie Martinovich
Debbie Martinovich
The Wardrobe Man team are the best, great service with friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Everything was perfect with our Elfa built in robe. Im loving it.
Georgina Bertoldo
Georgina Bertoldo
The professionalism and great communication from Linda was fantastic. The installation from Dan brilliant, he cleaned up after himself and left the area spotless. I would definitely use them again. I love my new linen cupboard doors.
Carolynn Hicks
Carolynn Hicks
The Wardrobe team were very efficient and so helpful and obliging. I am thrilled with he result.thank you Linda and team
Sandra Fordham
Sandra Fordham
The staff at The Wardrobe Man were extremely helpful in all aspects of purchasing our new walk-in wardrobe system. From the design to the installation the whole process was professional & we could not be happier with the end result. Though it was on the higher end for pricing, the minimalistic clean lines of the Elite Wardrobe system were well worth the cost for the look of the finished product. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a sleek top end design.
Jason H
Jason H
A terrific product for the right price. The sales focus was on getting the right hanging TV wall unit for my needs. I could not recommend them more.
jonathan stokes
jonathan stokes
Great people fantastic price and fantastic support
Margarita Kongawoin
Margarita Kongawoin
I had the pleasure of visiting The Wardrobe Man recently, where I was warmly greeted by Lynda. Her professionalism and dedication to providing excellent customer service were truly commendable. Lynda took the time to explain the various products and options available, demonstrating a deep knowledge and expertise. Her willingness to answer my questions and offer valuable insights showcased her passion for helping customers find the perfect wardrobe. The showroom at The Wardrobe Man was beautifully organized, allowing customers to explore different styles and configurations. Throughout the process, Lynda remained attentive and provided personalized suggestions based on my requirements. Lynda's commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction was evident in her approach. She genuinely cared about finding the best solution for me, showcasing a level of integrity that is rare to find. Her professionalism and attention to detail made the entire experience exceptional. If you're in search of quality wardrobes and outstanding customer service, I highly recommend The Wardrobe Man, specifically Lynda, her expertise, professionalism, and dedication to providing a positive experience. Thank you, Lynda, for your impressive assistance.
Eng Kooi Gan
Eng Kooi Gan
Highly recommended family business of wardrobe installation. Kevin and Lynda made the transaction a pleasant and easy one. Karen from design understood my requirements and was prompt in responding to emails. Elfa shelving system installer Dan did a neat and clean job. A pleasant and friendly team to work with. Pricing also reasonable. Honest and reliable team, highly recommended.
Giovanni Barranca
Giovanni Barranca
Very Happy with the Team at The Wardrobe Man. The level of professionalism and customer service was beyond my expectations and I have ended up with a high quality product.

Step 7.

Making sure Everything will be Level

Install all the brackets all the way across for your top shelves

Use a spirit level to make sure all the brackets line up and are level

When you put your shelves in, they should all be perfectly level

Screwdriver or Cordless Driver, Spirit Level

Step 8.

Fixing in the Top Shelves

Double check all the posts are still level, correctly spaced and haven't moved.

Fix the top shelves in with two screws each for the left and right bracket.

Screwdriver or Cordless Driver, Spirit Level, Tape Measure

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