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Fall in Love with Your New Wardrobe or Storage Solution OR We'll Buy it Back.

Elite Modular, made exclusively by the Wardrobe Man, redefines what wardrobes and storage spaces should be: exceptional design, character and luxury for any area of your home.

Read on to discover why we are so confident in making this industry first Guarantee…

Introducing Elite Modular: Redefining Luxury Living

For close to two decades, thousands of Australians have added a little luxury to their lives and simplified their day-to-day by choosing the Elite wardrobe, shelving and storage systems for their homes.

Elite Open Wardrobe by The Wardrobe Man

Whether you're building your dream home or renovating your current one, Elite wardrobes are a growing trend that will never go out of style.

Elite Shelving as a Book Case and Home Office
Elite Shelving installed under the stairs easily adapts.

No matter how big or small your area is, Elite easily adapts and configures to any space you have, creating a luxurious, elegant finish to any room in your house.

With Elite, you can create stylish, one of a kind spaces for any area of your home, including walk-in wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, home offices, living spaces and more…

Elite Walk in Wardrobe - Featuring Glass Shelves, black posts

Brands We Use

Brands we use - Hettich
Brands we use - Blum
Brands we use - Laminex
Brands we use - Polytec
Brands we use - Hafele
Brands we use - Egger

In a Class of it's Own: Exceptional Design, Character and Luxury

The Wardrobe Man is the only place in Australia you will find Elite Modular. We combined the best of Italian designed components, unmatched Austrian engineered drawer systems and our high-tec Perth based factory to produce flawless shelving and drawers boxes. Simply put, we've combined the world's best to produce unique and timeless storage systems to help you make the most of your space.

The aluminium components are manufactured in a European Factory renowned worldwide for designing and creating innovative cutting-edge products. Elite’s aluminium components can either be installed floor to wall or floor to ceiling, adding to its versatility. It comes in either the popular black, natural ash or titanium.

Elite Shelving as an Entertainment Unit

Next, the customization options are endless; shelves, drawer boxes, gliding shoe shelves, trouser racks, glass shelves, jewellery boxes and even LED lighting. The colours and finishes we use can easily match your decor with any of the hundreds of options available. Some of our most popular colours and finishes include tornado flint, fox teakwood and natural oak. These come from our premium Australian suppliers, Laminex and Polytec.

Elite Shelving displayed as a wardrobe
Elite Open Wardrobe Looks so Good - No Need for Doors.

The fixing system that is Elite makes it possible to be used in your bedroom, the living room (as a room partition between two different spaces), an entertainment unit, a home office or any other room you desire, placing shelves, drawer boxes, cabinets and more wherever you want.

10 Great Reasons to Choose Elite from The Wardrobe Man for Your New Wardrobe or Storage Solution

Great Reson No 1


Elite Modular is completely unique to the Wardrobe Man, with the latest ON TREND designs and state-of-the-art components that never go out of style

Great Reson No 6


Change your design in the future by rearranging or adding extra components.

Great Reson No 2


Our industry first “Fall in Love OR We’ll Buy it Back” guarantee! If you don't love your wardrobe, walk-in robe or shelving system, just let us know within 14 days and we'll buy it back from you!

Great Reson No 7


Fast shipping (Australia wide) and easy, simple DIY install options. We have detailed step-by-step videos on how to install Elite, making your job easier.

Great Reson No 3


Various styles of drawers and components to organize everything: adjustable shelving, gliding shoe racks, quality trouser racks, a full selection of drawers and runners and much more to simplify your life.

Great Reson No 8


LED Lighting upgrades, strip lights, remote controls and more to complement your design.


Premium quality you can trust: Our materials are carefully selected from only premium suppliers: Laminex, Polytec, Egger, Blum, Hettich, Titus and Hafele.

Great Reson No 9


Virtual Design appointments available from the comfort of your home (Facetime & Zoom).

Great Reson No 5


Custom designed exactly to your needs, specifications and budget that will add value to your home and work for any space.

Great Reson No 10


Tons of textures, looks, feels and colours to choose from that will perfectly complement your home interior!

Ready to get started?

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Our Design Process

Your dream wardrobe or storage solution can quickly become a reality with The Wardrobe Man. Our design process is simple, flexible and will adapt to your needs, no matter where you’re located in Australia.

Our bespoke service makes the process stress-free and easy from the very first moment you contact us to when your new wardrobe or storage solution is freshly installed in your home and looking perfect.

Contact The Wardrobe Man

Submit your details

At the bottom of this page there is a simple contact form asking you a few details about yourself.

Once you have submitted your details that’s when the fun starts!

This gets the ball rolling on the design process and we’ll reach out to you to ask a few questions about you, your wardrobes, your ideas and what you want to achieve.

Design Your Wardrobe By The Wardrobe Man


Once we’ve had a quick chat to see if we can help you, we’ll set up a mutually convenient time for a personal design consultation.

Depending on where you’re located, you can either come into our Perth Showroom or you can jump on Zoom or Facetime from the comfort of your very own home.

We will go over everything you want your design to be, from the various different materials and colours to what products and components go where, for a design completely unique to you.

Critical Measurements

Critical Measurements

Once we finalize your design, the next step is double checking all the measurements, so everything fits perfectly when your wardrobe is installed in your home.

If you're the DIY type, no problems, we will provide you with our detailed instructions on how to measure your space so your wardrobe fits perfectly.

If you require our team to install and you live in Perth, we can easily arrange our highly-skilled tradesmen to measure the space.

The Wardrobe Man's Manufacturing


Once all the final measurements are in, your job is then added to our production queue and all materials are ordered for your job.

Our skilled tradesmen and our High-Tech factory take over from here.

We use a number of high precision machines including a CNC router, which is a computer-controlled cutting machine which cuts your sheets of material perfectly down to the millimetre. Once all the materials are cut, our cabinet makers expertly assemble your solution.

Delivery Australia Wide by The Wardrobe

Delivery and Installation

Depending on where in Australia you are located, we can ship your bespoke solution directly to your door. And if you live in Perth, we can easily arrange our highly-skilled tradesmen to build your project at your convenience.

Our tradesmen are known for their ‘white-glove’ service, meaning they will clean up after themselves, so you won’t even be able to tell they’ve been there, apart from your new wardrobe of course!

Fall In Love Guarantee

Fall in Love Or We'll Buy It Back

Finally, you are covered by our industry first “Fall in Love OR We’ll Buy it Back” Guarantee! In the unlikely event you don't love your new wardrobe, just let us know within 14 days and if we cannot remedy the situation, we'll buy it back from you!

By the way, of the thousands of clients that have chosen Elite and the Wardrobe Man, no one has ever taken us up on this guarantee. Our clients simply Love Elite Wardrobes and The Wardrobe Man.

Meet the Crew

The Wardrobe Man is a family-owned and operated company. The owners, Lynda & Kevin, are expert wardrobe designers with decades of combined experience. They are passionate about creating stylish, one of a kind, storage solutions tailor-made to each client’s unique and personal style.

Their obsession over style, quality, and functional designs will surely leave you in the hands of the best experts in Australia. And because the Wardrobe Man is a family-owned company, treating our clients like family is second nature for us and we always go above and beyond to make our clients 100% happy

Lynda The Lady from The Wardrobe Man
The Lady
Big Kev The Designer
The Man

What to do next?

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